Tips for Planning Your Serengeti Safari

1. Tipping is optional. 

St. Lucia doesn’t share a remarkable same tipping society as the U.S. Most eateries and bars will put 10% for administration on the bill — anything extra is dependent upon you. All things considered, St. Lucia is an island that depends vigorously on the travel industry, so go ahead and tip however much you might want on the off chance that you feel you’ve gotten excellent assistance from your cab driver, local area expert, or barkeep. 

2. The sea shores are generally open. 

In contrast to certain islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia’s sea shores are generally open to general society. In this way, while there are a lot of beachside resorts, they don’t have selective admittance to the shore, which means you’ll never need to confront that horrible acknowledgment that the fantastic sea shore you’ve spotted is for resort visitors as it were. All things considered, a few retreats may limit non-visitors from utilizing their lawn chairs and sea shore bars. 

3. You can utilize U.S. dollars. 

St. Lucia has its own money, the Eastern Caribbean dollar, however that doesn’t mean you need to change over an indecent measure of money before you show up. Most places acknowledge U.S. dollars, however you may be given change in Eastern Caribbean dollars. Tip: Always convey some money on the grounds that the choice to pay via card isn’t generally accessible. 

4. Try not to hope to track down the quintessential white-sand Caribbean sea shore. 

With regards to sea shores, St Lucia is an irregularity. Indeed, they’re excellent and the water is spotless and welcoming, yet don’t anticipate seeing dazzling white sand. Being an enormous mass of volcanic activity, the sand in St. Lucia is a blend of orange and striking dark, with a couple of uncommon special cases. In any case, in case you’re frantic for a white-sand sea shore, head to Anse des Pitons. The man-made sea shore highlights perfect sand that is consistently imported. 

5. Friday night is road party night. 

A lot of Caribbean islands have week by week road limes (gatherings), and St. Lucia is the same. Each Friday night, local people and vacationers meet up to move, drink solid rum punch and super cold brew, and devour new grilled fish, crab, and lobster. Little, laid-back occasions are facilitated around the island, however the principle party is the Gros Islet Jump Up. The road party in the unassuming community of Gros Islet highlights Caribbean music, brew, lobster and first class people-watching.

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