The Most Affordable Hotels in Berlin


Well, you’ve probably heard a lot of stories about Berlin and how this beautiful country has captivated millions of tourists around the globe. Obviously, there is a lot to love about Berlin. The tranquil setting, unique architecture, and the cobblestone pathways, you can name it all. But have you already decided which hotel to stay? If not, then you can use this article as a handy guide for the most affordable hotels you can stay while vacationing in this country.

The Student Hotel Berlin

 No this is not like the student lounge you have in your mind. The Student Hotel is an amazing hotel that offers affordable yet cozy accommodation in Berlin.  It features a contemporary concept, prime location, and a nice choice for tourists who need a good breakfast before going to their destination.

Hotel Indigo

 Hotel Indigo is a stylish hotel that lies between the Mercedes-Benz Arena and East Side Gallery.  It gives easy access to the Berlin Wall. This hotel offers an excellent accommodation with cozy rooms and friendly staff. The location is prime and definitely budget-friendly.

Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz

 Located in Mitte, this hotel is definitely a great option for tourists who only need to stay for a short while. It has great accommodation and cozy rooms. Each room features a satellite flat-screen TV – not something very luxurious like many other hotels but at least you can listen to news if you want to. The rooms are clean and the staff is friendly. This hotel is also close to the public transportation making it a good option.

Grimm’s Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel with a witness facility in Tiergaten then Grimm’s hotel will serve you well. This hotel offers a prime location in Berlin center. It has cozy rooms and courteous staff. You will get what you’ve paid for in this hotel. This is a good place to stay if you want to be near to some public parks and other tourist destinations such as the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie.

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