Planning a Trip to Hong Kong

When we think of Hong Kong the first thing that comes to our mind is Disneyland. However, there are more things that are worth discovering in this country than just staying in one place. So if you are only here for three days, here are some tips that you need to know.

1.   Ride the Airport Express

If you want to get to your destination faster, don’t be afraid to ride the Airport Express from the Hong Kong International Airport. It connects to neighboring cities such as Kowloon and Hong Kong Island and the ride only takes around 24 minutes.

2.   Make sure you get the octopus card

Avoid fumbling with coins whenever you purchase tickets to ride the train.  The octopus card is basically like a prepaid debit card, which you simply swipe whenever you ride the subway train. The good news is that it works all over Hong Kong. In fact, you can also use it in 7-eleven, Peak Tram, Star Ferry, and McDonalds. You can save a lot of time using the Octopus card.

3.   Stay at a Central Hotel

Although there are hundreds of hotels in Hong Kong, staying central will give you access to nearby attractions. If you are in Hong Kong Island, you can stay at the Pottinger Hotel which is only a few-minute walk to the MTR station. There is also the Luxe Manor in Kalwoon which is just a walk away from another station.

4.   Try the local little places

If your stomach is getting hungry but you don’t want to spend more, you will want to visit the Dimsum Square on Hong Kong Island. Here you can find great meals  that will not break your budget such as barbeques, wonton noodle soups, and egg tarts. Make sure you also try the Hong Kong waffles as they are the best!

5.   Carry your umbrella at all times

Did you know Hong Kong has 101 rainy days in a year? Hong Kong has rainy weather and if you don’t want to get wet, it is wise t o bring an umbrella with you. Although the best time to visit in Hong Kong is summer, visiting here around September can still be great with the proper gears.

Hong Kong is definitely a great place to visit. Just a friendly warning – it is mostly crowded in Hong Kong even if it is not peak season. For a great Hong Kong vacation, always keep your cool and take time in every place you visit.

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