Explore the Alluring Guatemala

Known for dynamic volcanoes, enchanting  medieval towns, energetic indigenous societies, and old remnants, Guatemala is a spot we’ve been tingling to go for quite a long time. Also, we’ve gotta state, it satisfied the mystical desires I’d developed in my mind, which isn’t a simple accomplishment. 

However, we need to be a bit straightforward: Guatemala is not without challenges. Albeit a beautiful country, many tours would remind you about the certain areas known for crime. And you need to be careful with the food you eat. 

Even so, we have created a list of safety tips when traveling to this wonderful country. 

 Safety Tips

• Don’t go alone. Even if you’re solo traveling, it is always safer to go with a group or find other travelers with the same destination so you can go together.

• As much as possible, do not go wandering after dark. Hire a trustworthy transportation or arrange a pickup service from and to your hotel.

• Listed to the local’s advice. Some of you will tell you to not wander around Lake Atitlan so if you want to be safe, you need to listen to them.

• Don’t wear attractive jewelries and wear simple clothes when you’re traveling to Guatemala.

• Always be alert and vigilant about your surroundings. Watch yourself and observe other people as well.

Where to go in Guatemala

Antigua – This is a great destination if you are planning to do the Acatenago trek, which usually takes one day and one night.

Lake Atitlan – You can definitely explore this wonderful side of Guatamela but of course with local’s advice.

Flores – See the ruins of Guatemala. Spare a day for your ride and another day to explore this wonderful sight.

Semuc Champey – The pools in Semuc Champey are really cool and awesome. You need to see them for yourself. It takes a day from Flores to reach here and another day to enjoy the place. 

Must Do Activities

• Ride the chicken buses which are brightly painted school buses and a kind of public transport.

• Explore the Mayan ruins of Tikal and take as far back in time as the Mayan civilization.

• Jump off a rope swing in a secluded bay on the lake. The water is really cool here and the place as well. You’ll find many other tourists taking turns on the swing.

• Hike to Indian Nose, which will only take 30 to 40 minutes. Reaching the top will reward you with an exciting view of the entire city and the beautiful Lake Atitlan.